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Compositions for Chamber Music

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Istanbul Espresso
for guitar orchestra (with soprano, mandolin, electric guitar and bass)

Istanbul Express

    1. for soprano, two flutes (or two violins), cello, and piano
    2. for string quartet and guitar

Istanbul Express RehearsalRehearsing Istanbul Express for two violins, cello, piano, and voice in preparation for the Blue Journey Concert on February 27:

Posted by Mesut Ozgen, guitarist/composer on Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blue Journey
(Mavi Yolculuk) for flute, cello, and guitar

Two Spanish Songs (On Poetry by Luis Cernuda) for soprano and guitar

    1. Dos de Noviembre
    2. Hablando a Manona

Rumeli Türküsü (Song of Rumeli) for flute (or violin) and guitar

Three Turkish Folk Songs:

        1. Kâtip
        2. Aygız
        3. Aman Avcı

Available for:

        1. melody instrument and guitar (duo)
        2. oboe (or flute or violin), cello, and guitar (trio)
        3. voice, flute, and two guitars (quartet)


To listen more music excerpts go to Audio Samples