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Florida International University School of Music: for those interested in studying full-time with me. The music program offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in guitar performance, composition, music education, music technology, music business, jazz, and conducting. Scholarships and financial aid available.

Turquoise Guitar Editions: specialized in classical guitar music, publishes solo and ensemble music for guitar and other instruments, as well as CDs and DVDs.

Miami Classical Guitar Society: presenting a world class guitar concert series, under the direction of Carlos Molina.

Florida Guitar Foundation: one of the most active guitar organizations, led by Federico Musgrove and Rafael Padron.

Santa Cruz Guitar Orchestra: featuring videos from the guitar orchestra concerts.

Benjamin Verdery: "an American original; an American master." The most inspiring "rock" guitarist after Jimi!

Frank Koonce: acclaimed scholar, teacher, performer, and author of the highly-celebrated guitar edition of Johann Sebastian Bach's complete solo lute works.

Hill Guitars: Kenny Hill is a highly innovative luthier from Felton. I have two different models of his guitars, both have double-tops with spruce and cedar (inside) combining the charecteristics of each wood, one is a typical Signature model with lattice top, the other one is a custom-made fan-braced top with 64 cm scale length raised fingerboard and an ergonomic armrest (don't confuse this one with other types built on the edge of the guitar).

D-TAR: "Duncan-Turner Acoustic Research" offers a full line-up of products, including acoustic guitar pickups and both on-board and off-board electronics. Rick Turner of Renaissance Guitars collaborates with Seymour Duncan, both recognized as world leaders and authorities in their respective fields: acoustic amplification and pickups. I use their digital acoustic guitar preamp Mama Bear and two-channel mixing/blending system Solstice.

Gil Carnal Guitars: some of the finest handmade classical guitars from the Santa Cruzan Master Luthier Gil Carnal (a native of Switzerland). I have two different models of his guitars, both with lattice top, but the newer one has all the nuts and bolts: raised fingerboard, 64 cm scale lenght, "Ruck" holes, and lots of tweaks inside the soundboard producing a big and nice sound.

Ed Claxton Guitars:  specialized in building  fine steel string and classical guitars, each model available in various configurations to suit a broad range of musical styles and playing techniques.

Golden Horn Productions: classical, jazz, and world music.

Deepak Ram: virtuoso bansuri (Indian flute) player, composer, and master of North Indian Classical music.

South Bay Guitar Society: one of the most active guitar societies in the U.S.

Guitar Foundation of America: an essential link to the world of classical guitar.